First-time buyers get helping hand


A program designed to help mid-level income earners afford their first home has expanded to offer new opportunities at projects in northeast and northwest Calgary.

Attainable Homes Calgary Corp. recently acquired a total of 42 units from multi-family developments Arrive at Redstone and Treo in Beacon Heights.

The non-profit organization is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the City of Calgary. It offers housing options for people who qualify for a mortgage and have a down payment of $2,000.

To take part in the Attainable Home Ownership program, applicants who have dependent children must earn no more than $90,000 annually. Those without without children have to earn less than $80,000 annually.

The 42 units are a welcome addition considering the program’s upturn in demand, says president David Watson of Attainable Homes Calgary Corp.

“Our database has nearly doubled in the last year,” says Watson.

After 5,000 people initially registered for email updates…

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Common sense can keep your home safe


When it comes to home safety and security, this advice may sound like a no brainer, but is worth repeating: always lock your doors. It’s surprising how often burglars enter through unlocked doors.

Don’t get into the habit of closing a window without locking it. All too often, homeowners close a window and forget to lock it, creating an easy entry for the “bad guys.”

Window coverings not only conceal you; they also mask your expensive electronics, so make sure you always close your drapes or blinds.

Install lighting around your home. If a prowler is sneaking around the outside of your home, the shock of a motion light will often send him packing.

Make sure you manage your social media presence carefully. Think about what you’ve been Tweeting. Don’t give too much information on planned holidays or extended weekends out of town.

Make sure you shred all your personal…

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