Five tips to prepare your house for listing


If you are contemplating listing your home, here are a few tips you may find helpful:


Even before your realtor sets an eye on your home – and at least a month prior to listing (make that two months if you still have VHS tapes) – confront your basement and open your closets. Take off the filtered glasses that prevent you from seeing the clutter you’ve accumulated over several years or more. Toss out, recycle and donate.

One of things people look for when shopping for homes (as you likely did) is ample space. You do not want yours to scream: “Not enough space!” Streamline. And doing it before your realtor instructs you to puts you ahead of the game and relieves stress. Here are some tips: Take old DVDs, CDs and electronics (phones, electric cords, printers, etc.) to your local electronics store for recycling…

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The psychology of home buying


You’d buy a sweater on impulse, but when it comes to buying a home it’s all about calm deliberation, right? You might be surprised.

Price, square footage, location: “All that can be trumped by the visceral reaction of seeing a home,” says June Cotte, who teaches marketing at Western University’s Ivey Business School.

“Smells, colours, sounds you can hear inside or from the outside – you might not be aware of them, but they can have an influence.”

The layout may even subliminally remind you of the home of a former boyfriend, says Cotte. That can have a positive or negative emotional impact on how you perceive a home that’s for sale.

In fact, a study published in the Journal of Advertising Research in 2002 said emotions can be twice as important as knowledge in consumer buying decisions. Subsequent research has determined that the role of emotion in buying situations…

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